EU funding for lifelong learning

Ljubljana, 18 December 2023 – The Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development has approved EU funding for the project Raising awareness, communicating with different audiences, and encouraging greater involvement in lifelong learning.

As part of the project, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education will join forces with various adult education providers to carry out a series of activities aimed at raising awareness, communicating, and encouraging adults to engage in lifelong learning. This will help increase the participation of adults in lifelong learning, improving their competences to participate in society and respond to technological, demographic, and climate change in modern society.

The project will be carried out under Slovenia’s Cohesion Policy Programme 2021-2027, under the ESF+ specific objective ‘’Promote lifelong learning, in particular flexible upskilling and reskilling opportunities for all, taking into account entrepreneurial and digital skills; better anticipate change and new skills requirements based on labour market needs; facilitate career transitions; and promote professional mobility’’.

The project is worth 5,732,500 euros; it will receive a contribution from the European Social Fund+ standing at nearly 4 million euros, more specifically 3,840,775 euros.

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