EU funding for a cycle route between Žalec and Rogatec  

Ljubljana, 21 November 2023 – The Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development has approved EU funding for the project Žalec-Rogatec Cycle Route.

As part of the project, the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency will establish a cycle route between Žalec and Rogatec, divided into two sections, namely, Žalec-Celje and Šentjur-Rogatec. The EU co-funded project will result in new cycle surfaces being built, and in areas where this is not possible or economical, in cycle routes being established along existing roads with low traffic volumes. The area will be adequately signposted, and rest areas will be built on steeper sections.

Most of the Žalec-Celje section, which will start at the bridge for Šešče and end at the Partizanska cesta Street on the right bank of the Savinja River in Celje, will run on a high-water embankment on the left bank of the Savinja River as a new construction – the total length of this cycle section will be 11.03 kilometres. The Šentjur-Rogatec section will link up with the existing Celje-Štore-Šentjur cycle route project at Šentjur and will end at the Open Air Museum Rogatec. The total length of this cycling section will be 16.04 kilometres. The Žalec-Rogatec cycle route will thus cover 27.07 kilometres, of which 19.42 kilometres are planned as a new construction.

The Cohesion Fund contribution for the project, which is worth EUR 14,645,741.00, stands at almost EUR 12.5 million, i.e., EUR 12,448,879.85.

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