EU funding for improving youth employability   

Ljubljana, 4 December 2023 – The Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development has approved EU funding for the project Implementation of the EURES Network and the ALMA Initiative.

“Young people not in education or employment are often socially excluded, which is why we need to strengthen measures for their inclusion in education and the labour market,” said Minister Jevšek on the occasion of EU funding approval.

The project will be implemented by the Employment Service of Slovenia under Slovenia’s EU Cohesion Policy Programme 2021-2027, under the priority which addresses skills and a responsive labour market. The project aims to advise young people on transnational labour mobility through EURES services. The EURES network, among other things, enables exchanging information on job vacancies and browsing through uploaded CVs. The project provides a service-user focus through the provision of fast and high-quality digital EURES services, the networking of labour market institutions to match supply and demand, i.e., partnership cooperation at the national and the EU level, transparency, such as the availability of vacancies on the EURES portal and enhancing professional competence of EURES advisers.

The approved EU funding will be used to implement the ALMA initiative, which will improve the quality of training and support the acquisition of participants’ competencies in the workplace abroad. As a priority, the support of the approved EU funding will target long-term unemployed young people – NEETs, i.e., people not in employment, education, or training. The objective is to ensure social inclusion and help them find a place in the labour market.

The EU co-funded project will create job opportunities for many young people in the broader labour market and thus contribute to reducing unemployment through the EURES network and the ALMA initiative. It will also enable young people, particularly the long-term unemployed, to continue their education and integrate into society.

The project, worth EUR 6 million, will receive European Social Fund Plus support of almost EUR 4.3 million, i.e., EUR 4,290,000.00.

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