EU funding for sports and recreation activities to promote health

Ljubljana, 13 December 2023 – The Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development has approved EU funding for the project with the acronym ‘zMIGAJ!’, which supports sports and recreation activities to promote health.

As part of the project, co-financed with EU funds, the Planica Sport Institute and the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana will improve access to high-quality and sustainable services in the field of preventive programmes for health promotion by designing expert platforms for the preparation of innovative exercise programmes and providing specialist support for their implementation. The project will offer innovative physical activity programmes for young people, i.e., students at vocational secondary schools, general upper secondary schools and boarding schools, as well as physical activity programmes to promote healthy lifestyles for employees of selected secondary schools and boarding schools.
The project will be implemented under the priority “Long-term care and health, and social inclusion” and will contribute to achieving the objectives of Slovenia’s Cohesion Policy Programme 2021-2027.
The project, worth EUR 4,411,765.15, will receive a European Social Fund Plus contribution of almost €2.8 million, more specifically EUR 2,797,059.10.

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