EU funding for the Koren Brook embankment – pedestrian paths in Nova Gorica

Ljubljana, 13 November 2023 – The Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development has approved EU funding for the project Improvement of the Koren Brook embankment – arrangement of a pedestrian path.

The Municipality of Nova Gorica will use the approved EU funding to improve the pedestrian path from the area below Kapelo up to the connection to the Trubarjeva ulica Street. Physically, the investment is linked to a functionally complete project of setting up cycle routes and areas for pedestrians (from the connection to the Trubarjeva ulica Street to the Streliška ulica Street), and to a network of emerging pedestrian paths, which establish missing connections for pedestrians, mainly in the east-west direction. Thus, the pedestrian path and the area for cyclists and pedestrians at the beginning and end of the route will be connected to the existing infrastructure, i.e., the asphalt pavement along the Streliška cesta Road. The above-mentioned cycle and pedestrian connections will be further connected to the Kosovelova ulica Street, the Trubarjeva ulica Street and the Kidričeva ulica Street, as well as to the pedestrian paths from the Rutarjeva ulica Street and the Ulica Marija Kogoja Street. The project is in line with the European Cohesion Policy specific objective of developing urban mobility to improve air quality in urban areas.

The project worth EUR 234,215.97 will receive Cohesion Fund support of EUR 130,267.91.

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